Cook Duty


The weather today was bad and turned even worse throughout the day – the wind picked up and is now blowing 45 knots gusting to 55. The temperature did rise, as it usually does during the blow, to -16°C (windchill -33°C). What’s interesting is that the atmospheric pressure dropped from 975 to 934 (and keeps dropping) in 24 hours – the lowest ever recorder pressure at Halley was 930, so we’re not far off.

All of this is just as well, as today was my turn to do the cook day. Each of us covers one day every few weeks, so our chef Victoria can get some time off (typically we cover Thursdays and one of the weekend days).

I’ve made some bread and rolls in the morning, served cheese on toast with a soup for lunch, and then made chicken curry with rice and some garlic naan bread for dinner.

In the image, the Halley Kitchen (now renamed to The Dragon Inn). In the pots are rice and chicken curry, getting ready for serving at dinner time.