Diamond Dust and Moon Halos

In a few posts from a couple of months ago (Optical Phenomena and Photo Friday) I showed you images of a Sno-Cat with some Sun Halos, Sun Dogs, Pillars, Parhelic Circles, Upper Tangent Circles, as well as some other Sun Halos around the station, all of which were caused by Diamond Dust.

It turns out that the same Diamond Dust can cause similar effects with all sources of light.Today I have a couple of shots of Halley VI station with the moon overhead, with a really nice Moon Halo, Moon Dogs, the Upper Tangent Arc and a Moon Pillar.

Moon Halo over Halley VI Moon Halo

I also have a picture taken towards the Garage and the Workshop, away from the Moon. These two buildings have really strong outside lights turned on to assist us in making our way between them should the visibility drop. With the Diamond Dust we’ve had today, these produce their own Light Pillars!

Halley VI sprinkled with Diamond Dust

Not a bad day in the office, eh?

6 thoughts on “Diamond Dust and Moon Halos

  1. Hi mike. Great photos, look real Space age.
    Sorry for not being in touch. I do keep an eye on the blogs and really enjoy them for both the pictures and info.
    Hope you have a great birthday next week. Cheers mark

    • Hey Mark,

      Thanks a lot for that and good to hear from you! I’m glad you like the blog, it makes all the difference to know that people enjoy it.

      You have a happy birthday next week too! 🙂

      Best Regards,

  2. Amazing photos Mike, so atmospheric!
    Really Looking forward to the rest of your environmental portraits.

    John I

    • Hey John,

      Thanks a lot for that. The atmospheric and optical phenomena we see here are simply mind blowing and to be honest my pictures probably don’t do them justice!

      I probably won’t do much on the portraits until after midwinter – up till now everyone was busy with midwinter preparations, finishing their presents and so on, but stay tuned!

      How are you getting on?

      Best Regards,

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