Halley Comms


There are several communication systems in place at Halley to keep the wintering team in touch with the outside world. The primary link is the VSAT (Satellite) connection via a hub in London to BAS Headquarters in Cambridge, and which provides the connectivity to the BAS Network and the Internet, as well as VoIP phones. The satellite dish is inside the dome visible to the left hand side of the image.
The short range comms within the Halley perimeter and between the station and vehicles is provided using the Marine VHF radios, some of which are stationary and some are mobile handset. For longer reach radio communications (with aircraft and field parties) we use the HF radios with two dipole antennas oriented North-South and East-West (visible on the picture in the centre). Additionally, there’s an Aero VHF radio in the Comms Office for short range communications with the aircraft.
Finally, there are also a number of Iridium satellite phones available here, some stationary and some mobile for use in the field, to provide backup comms in case the Internet link goes down or the comms via radio with a field party or an aircraft is bad.