Halley VI Interior, Part 2


This is a long overdue Part Two of the Halley VI Interior series of articles. It took me a while to get some new pictures, but finally they’re here. As I mentioned before, my aim is to present you good quality pictures of the interior of Halley VI Station, and these really do take time… Enough excuses, however – see the new pictures after the break!

TV Room

One of my favourite rooms in the whole station is the TV Room, located upstairs in the A Module (also called “The Big Red”).

TV Room

Although it’s main use, as the name suggests, is to watch movies, it also features a nice large book shelves rack filled with tons of books, of which almost half are related to Antarctica and include early and modern expeditions journals, biographies, etc. There’s a number of really comfy chairs, a PC with a projector, a large drop-down screen and a surround sound system for cinema-like experience and a conference table.

TV Room Library

TV Room

And the most prominent feature of the room is one of the two massive sky-view windows!

Sky-view window

The Torture Chamber a.k.a. the Gym

Another room located upstairs in the A Module is the Gym. It is small but well equipped (at least to a novice like me), with a couple of rowing machines, lots of weights, a stationary bike, a treadmill and lots of other stuff. The Gym can be quite popular with Winterers, especially now that the Race Antarctica is on.

Torture Chamber (Gym)

Stair Case

Leading upstairs is a very nice looking stair case. It’s a bit awkward to use sometimes, especially when we have to carry something large like a table up or downstairs, but in my opinion it really looks good.

Stair case

Stair case

Quiet Room

Finally, towards the Northern end of the station, at the very tip of the B2 Module is a Quiet Room which also is one of my favourite places here. The idea is that one can go to the Quiet Room to chill and read a book away from the main station areas and the noise. We also use it sometimes as a Phone Booth to call our loved ones as it’s a nice room to be in, has a great view, is away from everyone and most importantly – has a phone!

The Quiet Room

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  1. No to regularnie sobie aplikujesz porcję tortur … jak średniowieczny zakonnik 🙂
    A tak w ogóle to macie fajnie 🙂

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