Jumaring back onto the Ice Shelf


It was a beautiful, sunny and warm day today and we took the opportunity to go to visit our nearest neighbours, the Emperor Penguins, again.

The trip to the Penguins involves a 2-hour drive in the SnoCat from Halley VI to the coast, abseiling 25-30 m off the edge of the ice shelf onto the sea ice, drilling a number of test holes in the sea ice to check its thickness and that it’s safe to walk on, spending some time with the penguins, taking lots of pictures, and after all this, jumaring back up onto the ice shelf, packing everything back to the SnoCat and another 2-hour drive back. It’s a full day for everyone, but it’s the best thing ever!

In the picture, Halley Chef Victoria is jumaring up the cliff of the Brunt Ice Shelf.