Melt Tank Push


In addition to being used for moving fuel or waste to and from the station and for snow management, the Dozers are also a big help in pushing the snow into the melt tanks to produce water for cooking, drinking and washing. The Melt Tank push typically involves three people: the Vehicle or Generator Mechanic to drive the Dozer, and two people to man the shovels. There is a large hatch on the top of each of the Melt Tanks which is hydraulically opened to let the pushed snow drop into the tank. The two people with shovels move the snow around and push it further in to make room for more snow. We try to not let the tanks run dry, so that the water that’s still inside the tank helps to melt the snow much quicker. After the operation is complete, the shovel men clear the snow from around the edge of the tanks and close the hatches ensuring a correct seal to keep the heat trapped inside.