Not long now

Hi Boys and Girls!

With only 10 days remaining until my deployment to Antarctica via Cape Town, I thought it’s time for another post. I know I haven’t been keeping the blog as up to date as I’d hoped – there’s a lot going on right now and if anything, there’s too much to write about and so it’s difficult to sit down and do it! On the other hand, I keep thinking that all the stuff I’ve written here so far is the same shit over and over again… but this is all about to change!

Embarkation Leave

Three weeks ago I went on my Embarkation Leave. This is the final time off we all get just before going South, to give us all a chance to put our lives in order and say our good-byes to families and friends. 

I had great time on my holidays. I’ve had a friend come over and visit me for the first 10 days (thank you!) and we spent some nice time first in Cambridge and then in Ireland, where we visited some of my friends there and did a bit of sight seeing. The weather generally played ball, which also helped! It was only when I arrived to Ireland and felt the nostalgia when I realised how much I actually miss the place! it was good to be back even if only for a few days. Thanks guys (you know who you are) for hosting us, for helping me and for the last night’s dinner!

Then I went over to Poland, to see my folks and my sister as well as some other friends for the last time before the big Adventure. Again – brilliant time, it was really great to see you all!


I’m back in Cambridge now, trying to sort out the last bits before I can go. There’s still a few things I want to buy (it’s all actually ordered, just waiting for it to be delivered). I need to also do a bit of packing and to try to make a final call on what’s definitely going and what’s definitely staying behind, and to estimate the size and weight of my luggage. 

There’s also two more things I need to close before going – these are hopefully just a matter of a phone call each, but need to be done (and I need to get the finger out!). 

Count down…

It’s funny how you can count down the remaining time:

  • 10 more sleeps
  • about 30 more meals
  • probably around 100 more teas / coffees / glasses of water or juice
  • some 150km more of cycling distance

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