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Hi All,

As is already established as a tradition here, this is another Photo Friday post submitted on Sunday!

This time it’s a little different in that there’s no one single theme for the Photo Friday. Instead, I’ve put a few pictures taken on two or three days during the week last week, showing all sorts of stuff I’m so privileged to see here.


The first couple of pictures show Halley Station, at Dusk. Halley VI is a very photogenic station in my opinion, what do you think?


On pictures 2 to 6 I was trying to capture the cold and various phenomena that accompany cold weather. You can see a bit of steaming sea, bad visibility and contrast and also some rime frost buildup and minor damage caused by heavy winds.

Optical Phenomena

Finally, as the highlight of this series (at least for me), I’ve uploaded a few pictures, including two panoramas, of multiple simultaneous optical phenomena caused by sun and the diamond dust (which is created by airborne ice crystals).

There’s a lot going on in those pictures. I’ve managed to identify the following phenomena (some of them really rare!):

  • 22° Sun Halo
  • 46° Sun Halo
  • Sun Dogs, also known as Parhelia (bright dots at the same height as the sun, on the 22° Halo)
  • Parhelic arc (a horizontal line, sometimes running around the whole horizon, intersecting the halo at the sun dogs level)
  • Upper Tangent Arc (an arc tangent to 22° halo, directly above the Sun Disk)
  • Circumzenithal Arc (an arc, tangent to 46° halo, and describing the circle around the zenith; this one was only partial)
  • also, not seen on the pictures, was a column opposite to the Sun Disk location (so to see it, I had to stand with my back to the Sun)
  • and there’s at least one or two more things, I can’t identify

Enjoy and let me know what you think!


3 thoughts on “Photo Friday – a bit of everything

  1. No na szczęście podtrzymujesz tradycję :). Super zdjęcia.
    Rzeczywiście stacja jest fotogeniczna, choć to “rybie oko” nie bardzo mi się podoba (to dosyć pretensjonalne). Swietne efekty świetlne i pojazdy na ich tle. Zmrożony śnieg na maszcie też robi wrażenie … aż robi się ziiiiiiiimmmmmnoooo na sam widok. Czekam na dalsze foty 🙂

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