Photo Friday – Aurora 2.0

I’ve been quite busy the whole of last week with work and station duties: I was on evening watch and met every evening last week, then on Gash (cleaning and washing duty) and finally on Cook (which means I was cooking for a day for everyone on station). In addition to that, I’ve spent quite a lot of what was left of my free time working on my Mid-Winter Gift. As result, my photography has suffered a bit over the last week or so (that’s why this Photo Friday post is so late!). I do however have something in store for you.

Last Friday we had a really strong and powerful show of Aurora. It all started quite early – we’ve noticed it around 1930 or so. As soon as I was finished with my Gash, I put a lot of clothes on, got my camera, tripod, external battery and few other bits and pieces, and set out.

This time I wanted to move a bit further away from the station to try to avoid light pollution (I know, it sounds weird being like 3000km away from the nearest town, but we have some strong lights on the station buildings and they do actually get in the way a bit!) – you can see that on the self-portraits later below. The first two shots have been taken quite close to the station, however – just because I think it’s so photogenic!

Aurora Australis over Halley VI Station

Aurora Australis over Halley VI Station

I’ve walked around a kilometre away from the station towards the North, so I could still get the station buildings under the Aurora. I’ve also decided to try to take some shots of myself, under the Southern Lights – just to prove I was here!

Watching the Aurora overhead

Watching the Aurora overhead

I’ve taken some time lapse footage too to show you just how dynamic Aurora can be.

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