Photo… Sunday – Aurora

Hi All,

This is just a quick one. Only two pictures, but they do show an amazing phenomenon – Aurora Australis!

The Aurora did take me by surprise a bit – when I ran out to watch it, I grabbed my camera, my tripod and even the remote control, only to discover as I was walking out the door that I’ve left the memory card inside. Not wanting to miss the show, I’ve resigned myself to just watching, hoping to take pictures the next time. The show did continue, however, for quite a while.. when we got back inside, I decided to try and take at least a picture or two, so I went outside again. These are not the best ones (I think I can do better than that the next time), but they do show the Aurora. It’s the first time I’ve seen one (other than a very faint one I’ve seen in Ireland a good few years back) and it’s also the first one I’ve had a chance to photograph.

2 thoughts on “Photo… Sunday – Aurora

  1. Piękne, tylko uważajcie, żeby wam ta Aurora nie zaczęła strzelać i nie rozpoczęła następnej ruskiej rewolucji…. bo jeszcze wygrzebią wam ruskich spod śniegu i putin przyśle armie żeby wprowadzać tym razem ruski kapitalizm 😉

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