Restricted Travel – High Wind


The wind picked up overnight and reached 50 knots average, with the highest gust of 57 knots, therefore travel restrictions were put in place. The bridge between the North and South side of the modules has been closed, and all travel must follow hand lines only.

It is also the last day of the Midwinter Week and things have been very quiet and very steady on base.

In the picture is the sign out book, which along with the tag board (shown in another picture several weeks ago) is used to track each person’s movements to ensure everyone can be accounted for in case of emergency. To the right of the book are: the lone worker VHF radio (red; it will broadcast a distress signal if it doesn’t detect any movement for a period of time), VHF radios with external microphones for the Breathing Apparatus kit (these integrate with full face BA masks) as well as one of many fixed base stations. Higher up on the wall there’s a fire panel with LEDs and displays showing each smoke and heat detector and which is used during the fire alarm to locate the source of fire, as well as station plans with all detector heads and call points marked on them. This whole desk is located in the main corridor of the C module, next to the Comms and Station Leader’s offices, the Tag Board, BA sets and the main exit.