The new record for low temperature at Halley

The last week was particularly cold in comparison to all my time here at Halley. We had a few days when the outside air temperature, without factoring in the wind chill, would drop to below -50°C (where below means in the direction of -60°C). Early this morning it seems we’ve seen the lowest temperature since the Met records started at Halley, at -55.4°C (exceeding the previous record low of -55.3°C by 0.1°C). This still needs to be confirmed, but we’re claiming the new record anyway! Continue reading

Pizza. Antarctic Style.

Last night we had a Pizza Night!

Gerard our Chef, along with James the Doc, were running Papa G’s Pizzeria and serving all sorts of tasty pizza. Following is an excerpt from the Menu about the pizza restaurant:

About Papa G’s

Having studied beneath the famed pizza maker Giuseppe d’Omino in Huddersfield (“The Napoli of Yorkshire”) Papa G has now brought his exacting standards to his own pizza restaurant where the authentic artisan style of traditional Italian pizza is recreated with his own unique twist.

At Papa G’s we pride ourselves on using only the finest and freshest products available locally to ensure you’ll get a taste sensation you can’t forget, and make sure we’re the only local pizzeria you’ll want to eat in!”

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