Two years on

Last Wednesday was exactly two years since I’ve started working with BAS, and I thought it’s a good reason to put another blog post up with a quick update to what I have been up to and what lies ahead.

Last few months

As you may know, I’ve left Antarctica at the end of February on the journey which took me from Halley to Rothera Research Station on a Basler flight, then on a BAS ship RRS James Clark Ross to Punta Arenas in Chile, followed by a week in Spain, a couple of months in Poland and finally a couple of weeks in Ireland. We also managed to get together with all my 2014 wintering team in the Peak District for Halley reunion and a celebration of Antarctic Mid-Winter 2015!

It now seems like The Wheel of Time has turned a full circle, as I am back in Cambridge in the UK, working for British Antarctic Survey again and preparing for my second Winter season at Halley.

I have also updated and re-launched my photography website. It now includes a selection of best pictures from Antarctica, as well as from diving and other trips. Go take a look!

Back at BAS

I was a little nervous that since I haven’t worked a single day between having left Antarctica and finally arriving back to Cambridge, it will be really difficult to adapt to the daily routine. It wasn’t so at all! I’m actually looking forward to getting in to the office (even as it’s almost a month since I’ve started here the second time) – I think a combination of genuinely liking my job and the people I work with as well as already having a few cool projects to work on and lined up makes it really easy.

I’ve also started cycling again after a two year long break. It has been quite difficult at the start and the first week or so of commuting to work on a bicycle was a bit of a pain, but it seems it’s much easier now. I’m still not as fast as I was two years ago, but I think I’m slowly catching up. Regardless, it’s a great feeling to be back on the bicycle and I’m really getting into it.

Things to look forward to

There are a number of things in the near future I’m really looking forward to – and following are just a few of those:

  • a trip to Poland and Iceland
  • the Antarctic Pre-Deployment Conference, where I’ll meet all of my team
  • Pre-Embarkation Leave (which means two weeks in Ireland and in Poland)
  • Joining the RRS Ernest Shackleton for my second journey South

Stay tuned for more!

Obligatory image gallery

This post wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t put a few pictures in. This time something a bit different than the usual theme of penguins or ice: meet my dog, Etina!

3 thoughts on “Two years on

  1. Hi Mike,

    I’m glad you’re back. Looking forward to following your blog again!

    Etina is adorable by the way!


    • Hi Chantelle,

      Thanks a lot for that! Yes, I’m back although things will probably be a bit slow-ish here until the time I go South again in December.

      I’m glad you like Etina (and I’m sure she is too!)

      Take care,

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